M-Minder 3.1: Reminds you of scheduled events at computer startup and periodically afterwards.

M-Minder 3.1

M-Minder reminds you of scheduled events at computer startup. After you have viewed the list of events for the day the software hides itself in the System Tray and reminds you periodically of events for which no action has yet been taken. Future events can be reminded daily up to one year in advance. Events can be unique or recurrent (once each month or once each year). Searchable year overview of events. Export to HTML file viewable in browser.

reminder, calendar

UltraSentry v6.00: UltraSentry is a highly advanced military-grade disk and registry cleaner.

UltraSentry v6.00

UltraSentry is a highly advanced military-grade disk and registry cleaner that has on-board, fully configurable security profiles that can run on demand, as scheduled or upon event. UltraSentry features an impressive range of commands that completely insulate your privacy, security, and computing needs both at work and at home. Schedule UltraSentry to watch over your computer, sensitive files, and protect your privacy while you are away.

browser history, swap files, file deletion, registry cleaner, configurable, security, privacy, security profiles, disk cleaner

Cotton Calendar 1.81: Create, display, and print calendars and schedules. Free schedules available.

Cotton Calendar 1.81

Create, display and print various kinds of calendars and schedules: 1-Name (phone logs, contact lists, tickler files); 2-Names (sports schedules); No-Name (calendars, appointments). 3 Views: Calendar (event days highlighted), Schedule and Week (7 days of scheduled events). Handles repeating events. Free calendars and schedules available on line.

calendars, sports, phone log, birthdays, schedules, ticklers, appointments

Remind-Me 6.2: Tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur

Remind-Me 6.2

Remind-Me tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur. It displays holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and scheduled events on an attractive traditional calendar. Remind-Me can alert you when your computer starts up, or at any specified time. Remind-Me has built-in support for sending e-mail when an event occurs. E-mail can be sent automatically, or you can compose it yourself.

google, holiday, outlook, hotsync, sync, date book, reminder, beiley, calendar, palm, remind me

Auto Shutdown Pro II Automates shutdown to extend your computer`s life and save energy and money.

Auto Shutdown Pro II

scheduled tasks in the last minute before activation. Users can add or edit an unlimited number of scheduled task events or deactivate or delete others. User`s can specify specific blocks of time (blocked time) where no one can use their computer, even with a password. This parental control keeps children off the computer after their bedtime. Professionals value blocked time because this security feature protects stored confidential documents and

launch terminate program, blocked time, turn off monitor, idle, duration shutdown, launcher, parental control, shutdown, power, automation, restart

Church Scheduler 1.8: A church database program to help churches track members, pledges and payments.

Church Scheduler 1.8

events do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments. It`ll store the information about church members, such as their address, personal info, notes, comments. Use the large memo field to enter the family member information and any other information that will help the person making the visit more informed. Once the data has been entered the first visit can be scheduled. A report can be printed listing the scheduled visits

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Reminders 2000 4.1: Create reminder messages for important events.

Reminders 2000 4.1

Reminders is a small utility that provides a simple means of creating on-screen reminders for important events. Event reminders are triggered when the specified time and date occurs. Reminders can be created to trigger messages on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Reminders can also be used to launch programs at a scheduled time. Sound files (WAVs) can be assigned to reminder messages and scheduled program launches.

tool, launch, braun, reminder, utility, event, remind

EventLog Inspector 2.5: Manage local and remote Windows events more effectively with EventLog Inspector

EventLog Inspector 2.5

events registered by the Windows event log. While providing a perfectly machined interface for registering and archiving system events, Windows gives little built-in support for manipulating the events being registered. EventLog Inspector extends the capabilities of the Windows event log journal by giving system administrators the ability to do more with the events being registered. With EventLog Inspector, it becomes possible to store events from

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Date Time Counter 3.0: An events countdown timer/time tracker to count days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Date Time Counter 3.0

events listing, foreground colors of different event types. An event is a basic data unit of this program, and a set of events can be saved as a data file (.xml format). Date Time Counter allows you to load the specific events set from a data file, usually, you can make your events data file according to individual, used scope, such as son` events, father`s events, work events or life events. If you are very strict, or you like to track the countdown

time tracker, countdown timer, timer, countdown, timers

PG Events software JUN.2011: Feature-rich online event registration and event portal software

PG Events software JUN.2011

events portal or promoting an organization event online a wrongly chosen event registration system may lead to insufficient presentation, lack of registrations, absence of interrelationship between organizers and attendees. PG Events software is a robust and yet simple event registration solution that may suit your needs and requirements. It will help businesses and organizations of different sizes to promote and sell-out events. PG Events software

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